0-2 Years Babies

0-2  Are our youngest children we understand that this may be their first experience of being away from their parents therefore settling into nursery is important to us. 

We will work with parents to ensure each child is comfortable with their key person, each child is given a bluebell nursery teddy and Muslin square at the time of their home visit which shall be used as part of their transition.

The 0-2 have their own space within our nursery where they can eat, rest and play the plan of their area allow the children to see the older children and communicate by using small units to divide their area allowing our youngest to explore and develop independently.

 We recognise the importance of music, tactile stimulation, along with songs and stories for our babies as part of our daily baby routine.

Our day is flexible for our babies but do have a daily routine which allows them times for eating, sleeping, activities, and play, babies will go outside for fresh air and natural light daily. 

We believe routine is an essential part of providing a safe and secure environment for all the children in our care.

What a babies day may look like:

8am Arrivals/ welcome time

8:15am Breakfast 

8:30am Free-flow play, play with a rage of self- chosen and adult supported activities. 

Sleep maybe part of this time for some children.

9:45am Snack and drinks 

Nappies routinely done at this time.

10:30am Outside time

11:15am key person time, planed activity is provided in key groups to support development and next steps.

11:30am Free-flow plan children self-chosen play/ sleep.

12pm Circle time/music and movement 

Nappies routinely done

12:30 lunch time

1:15pm  Quiet time, sleep

2:15pm key person time

2:30pm Nappies routinely done

2:45pm Outside play

3:30pm Free-play/ sleep

4:30pm Circle time music and dance

Nappies routinely done 

5pm Tea 

5:30pm Free play/ nap

5:45pm End of day story

6pm Pick up