@ The River Bourne Club
A Day nursery for children 0-5 years

"A place to grow”
Ofsted graded ‘good’ setting 2019

We care about your child’s emotional needs and offer a safe, friendly and family setting.

Children make good progress for their next stages in their development and staff know and give time to each family.

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Welcome to Bluebell nursery were play is at the heart of our learning children learn through a
range of stimulating resources in our environment and with carefully planed activities children
shall flourish into confident learners who shall be self motivated, build their independence, social
skill and become school ready.
Our families shall be allocated a key person upon registration, the key person shall support each
family in settling into Bluebell nursery each child’s key person will support their ongoing
development, provide parents with regular updates on their child and seek parent contributions to
their child’s learning and for any special skill which parents may have for us to utilize within
Bluebell nursery. We work with parents and other professional were appropriate to provide an
inclusive setting.
Bluebell nursery shall have a structured but flexible routine to each session for children to fully
embraces themselves children shall have opportunities to take part in welcome time, free play,
snack time outdoor play and key group time and calm down time home/lunch/tea.
Healthy Snack shall be provided each session, children will be provided with a
nutritious and balanced meal at lunch and light teas.
Outdoor play is highly encouraged in all bluebell nursery sessions unless the weather is unsafe to
do so, children shall explore their natural environment, planting, looking for bugs, building, water
and sand play.


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Welcome to Bluebell nursery we are located within Chertsey close to the town our setting is
located within the river Bourne Club consisting of a hall accommodating
children from 6 months to 5 years the setting has its own small garden for Bluebell nursery.
Bluebell nursery shall be open all year round except for bank holidays and between Christmas and
new year the setting shall be open between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday offering two sessions
a day, 8am to 1pm and 1pm to 6pm.

We look forward to meeting with potential parents to show you our environment and
answer any questions, please ring to arrange a time so a member of our team can spend time to
show you what our setting has to offer.

Core values and practises of the nursery  imageCore values and practises of the nursery  imageCore values and practises of the nursery  image


Transition PackA transitional object is something that provides psychological comfort, especially in unusual or unique situations, or at bedtime for children. In our transition pack we gift you, and your child, the following items are included; Cot Sheet – for sleep time at Bluebells. A Bluebell teddy – this will have your child’s name written on. Muslin Cloth – can be used as a comfort object. Canvas bag - to store the items in.

We ask for you to take these items home with you each week to put in with your washing, they will then smell like home and will provide comfort for your child throughout their day at Bluebell.



We are lucky to be part of The River Bourne club, many activities going on at the site and its great to work with our children parents to make our nursery active and healthy.

What to do during school holidays.

What to do during school holidays.

Bed time stories .

Bed time stories .

level 3+ childcare pratitioner

Chertsey KT16 9DR, UK - 0-5 years
small 22 place nursery within the chertsey River Bourn Club

- level 3+ Nursery nurse practitioner, Monday and Friday

- full times 3-4 full days per week

- Baby room leader 20 - 40 hours per week

----Also looking for an experienced Manager 50 hours per week working directly with the children as well as office time.

apply onsite or send email
Level 3 in childcare knowledge and exsperience
50% off childcare used with bluebell. 
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Nursery manager


Early years educator


2-5 years key person




baby room pratitioner



Finance manager (HR)

  • The River Bourne Club, Heriot Road, Chertsey, UK
  •   01932 560560 - 07908611718
  •  Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm. 50 weeks of the year (closed 2 weeks between Christmas and new year). We offer sessions 8am till 1pm and 1pm till 6pm, or full day, stretched funding available. Designed by

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